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peugeot 205 gti6 track car

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Posted on: 10 December 2009 12:00 AM
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United Kingdom

Make: renault/peugeot
Model: 5/205
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"ok ive copied and pasted this from another forum i use so the write up is a bit confusing but you can make out what has happened if u look at the piccys! ----------------------- hi folks just me again! you may remember me posting up in the wanted section looking for a 205/306 and i was looking at civic vti's too anyway ive been basicly looking for something to be used as a track car anyway this 205 turned up on your friendly ebay locally and snapped it up for _Ǭ650 anyways i snapped it up mainly for the shell as its a very sought after non sunroof shell shell is in very good condition despite being 21 years old it has a 309 rear beam engine is a 1.6 gti but it has seen over 150k on the clock and lets just say its so tired that my mate in his 206 1.1 came flying past! not too concerned tho as i won a full gti6 engine from ebay a few hours ago and should be picking it up tomorrow(sunday) so now im just keeping my eyes open on ebay for gti6 brake calipers gti6 rear shocks better front suspension and eventually a rollcage(i had the money for an engine or a rollcage but went for the engine instead!) engine sourced! sorry for the essay folks but the ball will be rolling pretty damn soon just feels so good to be a 205 owner again! oh and by the way i have interior going for free holler if you need anything much loves x hi folks! it was my day off today so me and a mate decided to crack on with the conversion we had the car up on axle stands and started removing all parts that would hopefully make a few quid on ebay to help fund the project and the interior in the back got removed also sadly a lack of an engine hoist and not having the right tools to take the rest of the interior out we called it a day on thursday i have a mate coming up with an engine hoist to take the engine and box out also i am picking up my rollcage on friday and then start saving for an mi16 clutch uprated engine mounts cam belt and tensioner more money money but we are getting there lol update today engine and box removed not much else done tho except more parts to sell on ebay to fund the project picking up my rollcage tomorrow and 1.6 box(mines crunches in 4th) on sunday now i need to save a few more pennies and going to get myself some uprated engine mounts and a few other bits and bobs from bakers bushes and mounts! good times x im having the manifold cut and welded today i bagged that rollcage omp spec im going up to stoke on sunday for a freebie 1.6 gear box! so far my budget spent so far is _Ǭ1170 owned the car for a week today and im pleased with the progress no real progress in the past week or so but have managed to grab a freebie 205 gti 1.6 gearbox freebie gti6 ecu and 405 mi16 clutch _Ǭ40 total spent so far is _Ǭ1210 including buying the car next items to buy are cambelt kit no real progress as such apart from ordering a crank and flywheel seal(best to do these as the engines out) and will be picking these up later on today(friday) from peugeot other than that today(thursday) i purchased from eurocarparts a timing belt kit brand new water pump and some gunk to clean the engine bay with spent _Ǭ60 today with these parts bought it would mean the engine and the gearbox can now be put together and can hopefully live in the engine bay over the weekend! starting to get interesting! just need the solid engine mounts now............. so far spent _Ǭ1270 flywheel and crank seals purchased! now work can begin with the engine and box is ready to be united! collected group N engine mounts today sadly missing the gearbox mount but one will be in the post to me very shortly 30/9/2009 degreased engine bay now the engine loom can be built and the juciy stuff can begin to happen!"

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