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Taking a test drive

Taking a test drive

Taking your dream car for a spin is, and should be an exhilarating experience. knows all too well the thrill of a new driving experience. Yet you should remember that you are assessing as well as enjoying the car you are driving. Here gives you an outline of what you should be looking for when taking a new motor for a spin.

What To Do When You First Get In The Car

As soon as you get in the car, your instinct is start-it-up and take off but don't give in to it. Take a good look at the car, keeping an eye out for signs of poor quality like misaligned body panels and loose trim. When in the driving seat, consider how comfortable it is and whether you can work the pedals with ease. Once you feel comfortable with how the car looks and feels you're ready to drive.

What To Look For On Your Test Drive

There are some specific things to look for when on the test drive. Firstly, assess the ride quality and how the car handles on different road surfaces. Be alert for strange noises from the suspension when the road is a little rough. Secondly, consider the power of the vehicle and whether it has enough acceleration to easily cope with joining motorways or overtaking. If the engine feels like it's straining then you may want a higher powered model to suit your style of driving. Next, consider the gear box and transmission. It should have a smooth action without jolts during shifts. The handling of the car is obviously a crucial area.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Test Drive

Try out various driving styles, from long turns to abrupt corners, smooth transitions and harsh swerves. The car should feel stable and controllable. Assess how responsive the steering wheel is to your touch. Similarly, really try out the brakes. See how able the car is to deal with the sudden application of the brakes, as well as gentler progressive braking.With a greater awareness of how the car drives, you can really get a lot more out of a test drive than a short lived thrill.

What To Do Once You Have Decided The Car Is Right For You

If you decide the car is right for you, then it's wise to be prepared to sort out all the accompanying requirements of car ownership: tax, servicing and insurance amongst other things. When choosing an insurer, shop around and use a website which looks at several operators. Start your search at Kwik Fit Insurance - they allow you to enter your requirements, and then provide you with a choice of their relevant car insurance quotes.

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