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Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Romeo Brera

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The Alfa Romeo Brera was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2002. The concept car received many awards for its design and styling concepts. This model only became available to buy in 2005. The model available to buy kept the original concept cars external design, but was a much smaller version. This new model uses the GM/Fiat Platform which was also used by the Alfa Romeo 159.

Afla Romeo designed the Brera to build on the reputation of the Alfa Romeo 159. The Brera uses the basic ideas of the 159 but changes them in to a more sportier version. The front end of this model features the same grille featured on the 159. There are some differences between the two models. One of the main differences is that the Brera is shorter than the 159. The wheelbase of the Brera is shorter than the 159 which was designed to improve handling. The Brera is available with a panoramic sunroof which runs nearly the full length of the car. This enhances your driving experience and adds to the external appearance of the model. The main problem of the design of this model is the amount of metal behind the rear windows. This makes the blind spot larger than in some other cars.

There is a problem of room for rear passengers in this model. This would make their journey extremely uncomfortable. The rear seat does have a separating armrest which folds down to release a ski hatch. The seats also fold down which extends the boot. The front half of the car is almost identical to the inside of the 159. Everything in this model is designed for comfort. The car has its suspension upgraded from the suspension in the 159. This means this model has improved traction.

Alfa has focussed heavily on comfort and safety in this model. Air bags are available as standard and is available with the optional knee airbag for the driver. The front seats also come with anti-whiplash head restraints.

Alfa Romeo Brera Pros

1. Choice of panoramic sunroof
2. Spacious boot
3. Quiet engine
4. Improved suspension
5. Safety

Alfa Romeo Brera Cons

1. Weight of the car which slows it down
2. Blind spot due to large amount of metal behind rear windows
3. Not a lot of space in the rear
4. More suitable for short journeys
5. High fuel consumption

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