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Alfa Romeo GT

Alfa Romeo GT

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The Alfa Romeo GT is a sports car first produced in 2004. The GT was first launched at the Geneva Motor Show and was released for general sale in January 2004. The design and styling of the GT uses those from other Alfa Romeo models. The mechanics are based on the mechanics of the 147 and 156, including their wishbone front suspension and rear set up. The interior is based on the interior of the smaller 147 and takes the design of its dashboard from the 147 model. The GT is a Grand Tourer which sits along side the more sportier Brera in the Alfa Romeo family. Having two mid size coupes available at the same time is unusual.

Alfa Romeo have paid attention to the safety of this model. There are intelligent airbags. There are internal sensors on the passenger side which will determine which airbags to deploy in a collision. It has extremely powerful brakes which includes an anti-brake locking system with hydraulic brake assistance. The model also includes traction control, electronic brake distribution, and brake assistance. The GT also has limited-slip differential technology which improves cornering especially in wet conditions. This helps to reduce the chance of wheel spin. The wheel camber is designed on track vehicles, in that it is at a negative specification to the driver. This improves cornering capabilities. The cars seats were also designed on the track car. The seats are almost body hugging, which adds to the comfort of the car.

The GT has received wide acclaim for its design and styling. The coupe shape of this model is similar to the 1980s Alfa Romeo spirit. Even though the GT is a two door model, it is still a four seater car. The rear passengers may feel cramped. Access to the rear seats is via the foldable front seats.

Alfa Romeo GT Pros

1. Still a four seater even though it is a two door model
2. Attractive exterior
3. Powerful brakes
4. Limited-slip differential technology
5. Excellent interior

Alfa Romeo GT Cons

1. Restricted rear visibility
2. High fuel consumption
3. Ride feels choppy at times
4. Noisy suspension on bumpy roads
5. Small boot

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