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Alfa Romeo 146

Alfa Romeo 146

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The Alfa Romeo 146 are small family cars and were launched in May 1995. They are direct successor to the Alfa 33, and marked the rebirth of Alfa has a maker of sensible cars with character. The 146 shares common designs with the Alfa Romeo 145, except the 146 is a five door car. Alfa placed the split folding rear seat lower than the rear seat in the 145. This resulted in more headroom in the 146.

Even though the car is a five door family hatchback, it is still extremely spacious. The cut away dashboard means that there is more space in front of the passenger seat. Everything is laid out beautifully and is within easy reach. It also has a sporty look and comes in various colours. There are only a few number of 146's around so it does stand out in a crowd. The 146 does come with an excellent security system.

Alfa Romeo 146 Pros

1. Spacious
2. Good security
3. Good handling
4. Stiff suspension
5. Grips to the road

Alfa Romeo 146 Cons

1. Expensive insurance
2. Expensive servicing costs
3. High maintenance
4. Poor turning circle
5. High insurance group

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