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Alfa Romeo 155

Alfa Romeo 155

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The Alfa Romeo 155 was produced between 1992 to 1998 and are compact executive cars. The cars were designed to replace the 75 and were based on the Fiat groups Tipo platform. The main difference between the 155 and 75 is that the 155 is front wheel drive. When the car was launched, it was argued that the 155 was not in keeping with the tradition of the Alfa's sporting saloon cars. The Alfa is not a common sight on the road, so you will draw attention.

The car is spacious, however, the 155 would have benefited from fold down back seats, rather than the ski hatch boot it was designed with. The 155 was designed to include a number of comforts: electric windows, climate control and heated seats.

The Alfa 155 does not handle very well in the snow. The wheel base is wider at the front than at the rear, which could lead to handling problems.

Alfa Romeo 155 Pros

1. Spacious
2. Not a common sight on the road
3. Anti lock brakes
4. Mod Cons
5. Stylish

Alfa Romeo 155 Cons

1. Does not handle well in the snow
2. High fuel consumption
3. Prone to oil leaks
4. Difficult to obtain second hand parts
5. Large turning circle

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