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Alfa Romeo 156

Alfa Romeo 156

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The Alfa Romeo 156 was launched at the Frankfurt Motor show in 1997 and was a replacement for the 155. The 156 was released as a 4 door saloon and as a sport wagon.

It was argued that the exterior styling made the 156 the best looking car in its class. This was due to its sweeping profile, deep grille, retro front door handles and hidden rear handles. In fact the Alfa 156 was one of the first cars to use hidden rear door handles and prominent front door handles. The hidden rear handles make this car look like a coupe from a distance. The interior design of this car gives the passenger and driver ample room, however, there is limited room in the back for back seat passengers.

The Alfa 156 was designed with safety in mind. They were fitted with twin air bags and a side impact protection system. The passenger air bag can be switched off by using the ignition key on the dash near the passenger door. This feature was added to allow the use of front facing child seats.

Alfa Romeo 156 Pros

1. Large carrying capacity
2. Distinctive look
3. Ample room for the driver and front seat passenger
4. Twin air bags that can be turned off
5. Comfortable seats for long drives

Alfa Romeo 156 Cons

1. Restricted room in the rear for back seat passengers
2. High running costs
3. Pedals are close together
4. High Insurance costs
5. Brakes are not very responsive

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