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Alfa Romeo 159

Alfa Romeo 159

Car Reviews » Alfa Romeo » 159

The Alfa Romeo 159 was first produced in 2005 as a replacement for the Alfa Romeo 156, and uses the GM/Fiat premium platform design. The 159 was first launched at the Geneva Motor Show and is a four door compact executive car. The 159 is available in both front and rear wheel drive. This car came third in the 2006 European car of the year.

The design of the 159 is a typical Alfa Romeo design. It has a V-shaped bonnet and grille and includes cylindrical headlights. This car uses similar characteristics to the 156, in that the instruments inside the car are deeply recessed into the dashboard and are angled towards the driver. There are, however, some differences between the two cars. The main one being the size of the two models. The 159 is larger than the 156.

The interior of this car is impressive. The dials and instruments are angled towards the driver, which enhances the driver's experience. There is an on board computer which monitors brake and oil levels and warns the driver if there are any problems. The main problem with the interior is the lack of space in the back for tall passengers. They will have adequate leg room, but the sloping roof may make their ride uncomfortable. The boot is also impractical. There is no external release and the back seats do not fold down, so you cant increase the space available.

Alfa have paid particular attention to safety in this model. They have included 7 airbags instead of the standard 6. The model contains an extra knee airbag for the driver.

Alfa Romeo 159 Pros

1. Spacious boot
2. Excellent looking interior
3. Large choice of designs
4. Sophisticated body and style
5. 7 air bags

Alfa Romeo 159 Cons

1. Sloping roof may make tall back seat passengers uncomfortable
2. Noisy ride
3. Long bonnet could make parking stressful
4. Restricted vision through the rear windscreen
5. Weak resale value

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