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The Maserati is an Italian based company and was first founded in 1914. Maserti is most commonly known for its production of sports cars and racing cars, and also being part of the car group, Alfa

Romeo. Originally owned by the Maserati brothers in 1937, the Maserati name has seen itself change ownership on a number of occasions. 1968 saw the Maserati in the hands of Citereon. This ownership

lasted until 1973 when an oil crisis struck, resulting in the sale of sport cars declining. Sales continued to decline until 1975 where the Maserati saw itself in the hands of Alessandro de Tomaso. To

save the company De Tomaso concentrated on reducing the cost of running the car, whilst also increasing the level of performance. Due to the changes made by De Tomaso the Maserati company survived,

but did not achieve high success until 1993 when it was bought by Fiat, and later in 1997 when Fiat sold 50% to Ferrari. 1999 saw Ferrari taking full control of the Maserati name, resulting in the

sales of the Maserati to increase. Ferrari had succeeded in bring the Maserati company back into business. In 2005, the Maserati was back in the hands of Fiat, and saw its first profit in 17 years.

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