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Citroen ZX

Citroen ZX

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The Citroen ZX was produced between 1991 and 1998 and is a small family car.

The interior of the ZX received an high amount of praise from both consumers and critics. Praise was aimed mostly at the design of the rear seat arrangement. The rear seat was moulded on to a sliding platform. This allowed the seat to be moved rearwards to increase leg room for the passengers in the rear. The rear seats could also be move forwards to increase the amount of space in the boot.

The ZX did receive some criticism. This criticism was aimed mostly at the lack of quality in the model. The thin side panels are prone to picking up dents, for example from shopping trolleys. The interior was also argued to be of poor quality. The fabrics in the interior did not last very long and the plastic in the interior also made the model look cheap.

Citroen ZX Pros

1. Rear seats can be moved forwards and backwards
2. Cheap to buy
3. Good fuel economy
4. Excellent handling
5. Comfortable

Citroen ZX Cons

1. Poor interior materials
2. Thin side panels prone to picking up dents
3. Noisy in the cabin
4. Can be hard to resell
5. Early models lack power steering

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