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Citroen C6

Citroen C6

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The Citroen C6 has been produced since 2005 and is an executive car. The C6 was originally inspired by the C6 Lignage prototype that was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999.

The C6 was launched as a more stylish model to other executive cars, such as the BMW 5 Series. The C6 includes a concave rear window that is unique to Citroen. The nose of the C6 is low and long. The front is fitted with a double-chevron grille and also has swept back headlights. The exterior is also fitted with a pop up rear spoiler.

The interior is spacious. There is plenty of space for four passengers. If you have a fifth passenger, they will feel cramped. The seats are comfortable for the driver and passengers. The dashboard is a little fussy, but does include an optional head-up display. This means the dashboard displays a digital speed readout on to the windscreen of the car.

Citroen focussed highly on safety on this model. Citroen used the innovative design of allowing the bonnet to pop up slightly if the car hits a person or an animal. This increases the gap between the car bonnet and the engine. The C6 includes a number of airbags, including driver knee airbags, side head and body airbags.

Citroen C6 Pros

1. Several safety features
2. Attractive exterior
3. Powerful engines
4. Comfortable ride
5. Large boot

Citroen C6 Cons

1. Not environmentally friendly
2. Expensive to buy
3. High depreciation
4. Poor fuel economy
5. Poor interior

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