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Citroen Saxo

Citroen Saxo

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The Citroen Saxo was first launched in 1996 and was eventually replaced by the Citroen C2 in 2003, and was sold in Japan under the name of Citroen Chanson.

The Saxo shares a number of features with the Peugeot 106. The Saxo does not have many features fitted as standard. The lower range of the Saxo came fitted with a cassette player, heated rear windscreen, 3 stud wheels and tinted windows. Air conditioning was not offered on the right hand drive Saxos. This was because the blower motor would need to be mounted on the bulk-head on the driveré─˘s side.

The exterior of the Saxo does not have the usual quirkiness of other Citroen models. The car is small and nippy which makes it easy to park. The accurate steering also makes parking easier. There are very few safety features on this model and very few security features. There is an effective immobiliser, but no dead locks to keep thieves out.

The interior was said to be spacious when it was first launched. However, compared to more recent models, the Saxo could be said to be very tight on interior space. There is only just the right of space in the rear to fit three teenagers. The interior does not include the inventive design of more modern cars, however, the boot is adequate. The rear seats split do not move. If they did, the boot space would be increased. The pedals are also very close together and are slightly offset. This does take some getting used to.

Citroen Saxo Pros

1. Accurate steering
2. Reliable if looked after
3. Cheap to buy
4. Economical
5. Cheap to replace parts

Citroen Saxo Cons

1. Lower range models do not include many features as standard
2. Noisy at speed
3. Lack of space
4. Few safety features
5. Limited security features

Other Saxo Owners

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