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Chrysler 300C

Chrysler 300C

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The Chrysler 300C was first launched as a concept car in 2003 at the New York Motor Show. Sale of the 300C began in early 2005 and was launched as a luxury type Sedan. The 300C was based on the Chrysler LX platform which is a rear wheel drive car. Some features of the 300C were based on the W210 Mercedes Benz E Class. Shared features include front seat frames, steering column and the rear suspension design.

The exterior of the 300C draws a lot of attention. It has a high waist line and a bold egg box-shaped front grille. These features make this car stand out on the road. The interior is extremely spacious due to the car being so large. There is plenty of legroom for taller passengers. However, taller passengers might find headroom a little tight. This might make their ride a little uncomfortable. There is plenty of room in the boot and there are lots of cubby holes around the cabin that increase storage space. The seats are comfortable for the driver and the passenger. The steering wheel is not adjustable for reach.

Safety features include traction control and ABS. These features help reduce the risk of the driver losing control and also reduce the risk of the car skidding. The 300C also includes front and rear airbags. Security features include remote control locking.

Chrysler 300C Pros

1. Excellent styling
2. Plenty of legroom
3. Large boot
4. Lots of road presence
5. Number of safety and security features

Chrysler 300C Cons

1. High fuel consumption
2. Lack of headroom for taller passengers
3. Steering wheel is not adjustable for reach
4. Expensive to buy
5. High depreciation

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