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Hypermiling - Im curious as to how big of a deal hypermilingis here in the UK. Back home in Los Angeles you sometimes meet hypermiling fanatics and I wasnt quite sure what they were talking about until I saw hypermiling mentioned in this article on improving fuel efficiency. http macautocollision.comfuel efficiency tips When Im not racing I actually am pretty concerned with my fuel efficiency but not enough

Honda Civic Customization Recommendation - I have a Civic back at home that Ive done some work on but its all performance related nothing too flash. Im on the fence about going in a more visual direction with my next phase of mods but I was curious to hear from other tuners that had worked with Civics what visual mods worked particularly well with your Civic I know a lot of it comes down to personal aesthetics but I was just curious t

Tracks/Places to Race Near Brighton - Im in Brighton for a few months and was wondering wear someone could go to do some non professional racing I dont mind driving out a bit kind of hard to imagine a track around here so if anyone can think of anywhere moderately close Id greatly appreciate it!

HELP! - What are these body kits? - Quick question... Anyone who knows anything about Corsa Body kits could you name any of these body kits I know its for a Corsa and possibly a Corsa C body kit but thats all I know http i33.tinypic.comjfaohd.jpg http i36.tinypic.comwvqs5v.jpg http i37.tinypic.com11glpph.jpg B Thank youuuuu B

VAUXHALL CORSA 1.2 SXi Body Kit - Hello I am having a bit of a problem. I am completely new to this scene and until now have never even thought of modifying my car in way. But as of recently I have thought about picking up a car messing around with it and doing it up. I have taken a liking to the Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 SXi. I have a lot of questions so I will probably be back and forth on this forums a lot. But just to start I w

adive on what mods to get for c200 cdi - hey guys so basically im looking for advice on what i can modify on my c200 im getting a interior retrim and deep dish alloys do you guys have any other advice on what else i could modify to change it up

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