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What mods should I do to my 240sx? - Ok so I have a 1991 240sx that ive had for about a year now. The car is CLEAN no known problems or anything like that. Im pretty good with cars and my dad is very good with mechanic work. So it boils down to what should I do first Turbo Exhaust Suspension Enigine Intake etc and be specific please. And dont say get an sr20det or to sell it because I love 240s. Thanks for the help!

say hi to everyone - Hi severyone nice to know you in this forum

WHEEL REFURBS REVIEW! *READ* - Hi all So Ive just had my wheels refurbished by a fella called Chris Andrews whos based in Essex. Im not usually a one to write reviews and go out on the limb to review someone but wow! Honestly went into it thinking the wheels were fucked but the results are just sublime. His equipment is and Van set up are spot on hes quick aswell which is always a plus as we are all guilty of being massively

Braking Safety - Guys have you heard of this new project called G STOP Its a prgrammable device for cars vans motorbikes etc and its programmable to flash the central brake light when exceeding a certain amount of gforce to alert other drivers you are braking hard ideal for motorway scenarios its completely customisable to you. Check it out at

Kings Of Stance Car Meet - A local car meet in Crawley. Asda car park Pegler Way Crawley. Friday 16th January 5pm ANY CAR WELCOME Check out our Instagram @kingsofstance ME ME ME ME drive

cant find!! - trying to find a new Honda civic 1.6 vtec engine or a good looking engine and someone to fit it properly anyone could help that would be great

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