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Will New Steel Wheels Affect Insurance? - Hi. So basically Im getting my first car soon Vauxhall Corsa B and Im only 16 so Im a new to all this and have a wee question about something. The car will come with a set of stock 13 steel wheels and hub caps but theyll be gone within seconds . If I get a new set of 14 15 steel wheels with low profile tyres so that the tyre diameter is the same as when I had the 13 steelies will my insurance g

First Mod To First Car Help - Hi Guys Recently I bought my first ever car. This being a 2008 1.3 Litre Suzuki Swift. Currently the car is in a good working order. Having said this I intend to modify the car to some extent. This first modification being to install after market suspension springs. As I havent been in the car industry long finding these parts may be difficult. Any suggestions on where and how to buy suc

Hi Guys - just joined after i found this Side. i ony have a Estate Family Trunck. well a Vauxhall Omega V6 Automatic. not the fastest but fast enough. lol modifications Audio Stereo System upgrade DRLs some other little Gadges hoping to get some Ideas and not spend too miuch money. lol

Uniquely Modified Honda Civic with B18C - Clifford Cat 1 Avantguard 5.5 Alarm System B18C Honda Integra Engine Honda Integra Gearbox Honda Civic VTI Rear Brakes Full Body Kit Pearl White paint job Rear spoiler Full Interior leather Re trim Remote Starter 17 Inch Inovit Wheels Interior hand painted graffiti on leather Blue LED lights in footwells Painted Engine Cover Playstation 2 New battery 2 X 12 Inch Earthquake slimline

Hey! - Hi there so im 19 years and i am very interested in modified cars however i am now looking for a car myself and cant quite seem to make up my mind. i have a budget around 3000 or around that. dont want something amazing just need good car that can be nicely modified and insurance that isnt killer! any suggestions will be helpful and look forward to hearing back from everyone! no corsas

Hi from A Skyline owner new on her. - https imageshack.comif09USrIAj Hi new on here from Wakefield west Yorkshire got this stunner had her 9 years now and she was the first GTR V Spec to be fitted with a brand new OS Giken 3.2 stroker engine producing 818 BHP at the wheels.

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