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Alloy wheels - We offer powder coating of all metals Alloys are our special Arch rolling New and part worn tyres. And more Copy the link https www.facebook.comgroups1644983602428941

Moving instrument cluster - Hi I have an bought an older Fiat Scudo dont laught too much! as a project to turn it into a sleeper Im going to leave the outside alone completely and it looks pretty tatty but the inside I want to change completely I want to get rid of the instrument cluster altogether and then put all the gauges on the windscreen pillar. Does anybody know if this is this legal Dont want to waste time

Inside lighting help - Hi just wondering if anyone can help Im looking for a product that will light my car up red inside and can be connected up to the inside light so I can turn it off on or activate when doors open and shut I bought some led strips of Amazon but they were the wrong thing and only gave littler red speckles anyone else no what I can use to achieve this effect

S/steel exaust - Hey I own a bmw 1 seriese 118D and want to make it sound more grunty I was planning on makeing a straight trough stainless exaust but have been told I will get faults lights come up is this true If so can you guys recomend any aftermarket exausts that wont upset the ECU. Thanks D

Chassis braces HELP what are the best? - Ive recently got a 2001 toyota celica 140 in brilliant condition and i want to start modifying her. Im planning on starting with some minor handling changes. I want to know which chassis braces are going to be most effective what style should i look for and are certain brands better then others Also what sort of price range would I be looking at

Modding a VW Golf MK4 1.6L - So ive just gone and got myself my first car i got an mk4 golf 1.6L. I need some good suggestions on what mods I should do to the car. I want more bhp better handling and it to look nice ME so what mods shall i do i have a budget of about 2500

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