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New guy, looking to mod - Hi guys names Sean been driving for 4 years first car was a banger with 200000 miles on the clock lasted a year now have a 09 focus zetec 1.6 petrol which I love to drive. So Ive had my focus for 2 years now been looking to change a few things but to be honest with being a newbie and having basic mechanical knowledge I dont know where to start ideally I want my car to look sexy a nice body kit

AIB Introduce Daley Grice! - Afternoon! As you all know we like to introduce our newest team members! Read more about the interesting Daley Grice below https www.aib grice Thanks AIB Insurance

New Modified Car Website - Hi guys I have recently partnered with a couple of car enthusiasts to start a new specialist car listing site specifically for modified car owners. In a nutshell we provide the facility for modified car owners to list their car for sale for free. Same principle as AutoTrader but free. Ill pop the below but if anybody would be interested in checking the site out thatd be great and Im ha

Anybody from Leeds - Hey all Im Nick and just joined. Looking to setup a business later this year in Leeds for car ramp hire so looking to speak to people who might want to hire a car ramp for an hour or two or in fairness anyone who wants to talk petrol. If youre from Leeds go to Google and type Nicks DIY Garage Leeds I should come at the top of the page or certainly top 3. Love cars love working on them and

Induction Kit? - Adding an induction kit to a 1.4 will it make it sound better Currently has a straight pipe fitted.

Check your tax! - Hey! Hope youre all doing well. I recently purchased a 65 plate Focus ST 3 185 and absolutely love it to bits. I was wondering if anyone else here hasknows someone with the 185ps diesel in the ST and how much power they got out of it with minimal modifications I want to keep it as a daily so wont be going too extreme sticking with a good remap and some little changes. On a related note I managed

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