Modified Car Club Advertising Scheme

Modified Enthusiasts is one of the biggest car clubs in the UK with high search engine rankings. With many articles, guides and reviews, the club provides good quality information regarding modified cars to its users. This has built a online community of regular users that stay with the site and this community is growing daily. The Modified Enthusiasts website serves over 15,000 a month, thats over 500 unique visitors per day!

Advertising Schemes available

Below is a list of all the modified car related advertising schemes available.

1. Home page banner

Have your banner branded across our home page for ultimate brand awareness. This creates a trusted association with our website users which is crucial on the internet today. The Modified Enthusiasts home page is also the most viewed page on our website besides the community forum.

2. Rotating Top banner

Have your business and brand name at the top of our website on a rotation basis. This is above every page and is in a fair rotation cycle. This is our most effective advertising location, this has been proven by our current client base.

3. Left Side Banner

Have your business and brand name in a skyscraper style advert on the left hand side below the user menu. There are three options available for this advertising scheme, the first is to have a single particular page for your banner, the second is to have your banner on a specific section of the website, the third is to have your banner on every page available under this advertising scheme

4. Dedicated Traders Forum

Have your very own dedicated forum, to promote and sell your products and or services. A traders forum is a great way for businesses to deal with our website users on a 1 to 1 basis and to help you dramatically increase your sales.

Advert Scheme Rates

  • 1. Banner On A Specific Page - £50 per year
  • 2. Sponser A Specific Section - £100 per year
  • 3. Banner On Every Page With A Side Section - £150 per year
  • 4. Dedicated traders forum to help promote your products and services to our website users. - £200 per year

5. Full Page Advertisements and Marketing Campaigns

Modified Enthusiasts work very closely with a local website development and marketing company. There are many options available to aid the brand awareness of your business or product.

  • Please contact us for more information about our bespoke advertising campaigns.