Used Car Buyers Guide

Buying a used car has its risks. It is however also a great way to save a little money. You can often get an almost brand new vehicle for a fraction of the price of one straight from the showroom.

It is however wise to read up on a few tips prior to beginning your search, as there are many things to watch out for. These include the likes of clocking, identity theft and cut and shut.

What is Vehicle Clocking

Clocking is when the odometer has been tampered with and has been wound back in order to reveal a decreased mileage. Dealerships can of course up the price on these vehicles as more people are inclined to buy a car that hasn't got so many miles on it.

What is Vehicle Identity Theft

Vehicle identity theft is when one vehicle is in fact given the identity of another. The number plates are replaced with those from an almost identical vehicle. This is often done to hide the identity of a stolen vehicle and most customers won't know any better.

What is meant by a 'cut and shut'

Cut and shut is when the remains of two cars are put together in order to make one single vehicle. This usually takes place when two cars have been damaged or written off by insurers. They are welded together and then given the identity of one of the vehicles. The work applied to such vehicles is often unbelievable and without looking into the inner workings, most people won't be able to tell that the car has ever been involved in an accident. However the car will have been weakened by the initial accident and therefore could be a danger to drive.

In order to check which dealerships stock what, simply type where you want to look online into a search. For example 'Used cars Nottingham'

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