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Suzuki was first founded in 1909, and originated as a Japanese business that built weaving looms for the silk industry. In 1937 Despite Suzuki realized that building a small car would be the best way

to adapt to the modernising world. Within two years Suzuki had built many prototype cars. The first Suzuki vehicles were powered by a what was high tech for the era. The engines were liquid-cooled,

four-stroke, four-cylinder engines that were less than 800cc. Built with a cast aluminum gearbox and crankcase producing 13 BHP. Suzuki then advanced to motorcycles, and started developing these and

changed their name to Suzuki Motor Co Ltd. Suzuki created a more successful car in 1955 which included front-wheel drive, four-wheel independent suspension and rack-and-pinion steering which was very

modern for the day. Today the Suzuki Motor Corporation is a well recognised Japanese car manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing small cars, motorcycles and larger 4x4 Vehicles.

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