Dazzi's Toyota Supra

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Video Comments (3)

22 June 2009 10:22 PM


very nice!

21 June 2009 08:00 PM


Alright mate, cheers!
Dazzisupra@hotmai.com send the pics there. If you need any help at all drop me a line.

Yea I had private plates on my car a while back which I sold. Yes I saw you go past, I was trying to figure out who you were haha the other guy I was with at motoscope owns a TT supra, I was collecting a Blitz DD bov off him Unfortunately I was too busy looking at skirt around town so didn't see you in the van haha

Come on boost about 3200rpm. Im using a wastegate spring rather then a boost controller.

Look forward to seeing yours!

21 June 2009 07:30 PM


nice one mate, sounds well have you changed to a bssbov?
i have some pics for you whats your email add, made brakets for intercooler 2day am going to start fitting very soon,

have you changed your plates on ya car? as i thought i saw you at motorscope? think it was a monday i couldnt stop as i was late for my other job, i came back in works van but you were just coming 2wards the crossing i flashed you (white nobles van) dont think you saw me though?

what rpm do you come on full boost and are you using a boost controller or just wastegate set

keep up the good work si